1. Plant-Microbe-Pathogen Interactions I
    Jonathon Jones/Jeff Dangl/Christie Williams
  2. Polyploidy
    Boulos Chalhoub/Jonathan Wendel
  3. Non-Seed Plants: How Genomes Are Being Used to Study Plant
    Processes and Evolution
    Ralph Quatrano
  4. Seed Development
    Jan Miernyk
    Sponsored by the MU Interdisciplinary Plant Group
  5. Plant Metabolic Engineering
    Erich Grotewold/Joe Chappell
  6. Tree Genomics and Biotechnology
    Rishikesh Bhalerao/Steve Strauss
  1. Plant-Microbe-Pathogen Interactions II
    Jonathon Jones/Jeff Dangl/Christie Williams
  2. Chromosome/Centromere Structure
    Jim Birchler/Andreas Houben
    Sponsored by the MU Interdisciplinary Plant Group
  3. Where the molecule meets the whole plant
    Sharon Long
    Sponsored by "Plant, Cell and Environment"
  4. Quantitative/Association Genetics
    Mike McMullen/Roberto Tuberosa
  5. Systems Biology/Modeling in Plants
    Marcus Heisler /Henrik Jonsson
  6. Plant Architecture
    Jennifer Flectcher


  1. Molecular Evolution I
    Peter Hoch/Mike Clegg
  2. Nothing Secondary About Them: Roles and Regulation of
    Specialized Metabolites
    Rob Last/Joerg Bohlmann
  3. Gene Silencing/Small RNA World
    David Baulcombe/Pam Green
  4. Genomics-Assisted Breeding I
    Peter Langridge/Dani Zamir
    Sponsored by Plant Biotechnology Journal
  5. Channels/ Membrane Transporters
    Sally Assman/Julian Schroeder
    Sponsored by "New Phytologist"
  6. Hormone Signaling
    Tom Guilfoyle /Jennifer Nemhauser
    Sponsored by the MU Interdisciplinary Plant Group
    PM Session
  7. Molecular Evolution II “Speciation”
    Peter Hoch/ Mike Clegg
  8. Structural Genomics
    Daryl Somers/ Katrien Devos
  9. New Biotech Developments
    R. Trethewey/S. Padgette
    Sponsored by Monsanto
  10. Methylation/Transposons/Heterochromatin
    Alan Schulman/Rob Martienssen
  11. Ovule, Fertilization
    Charles Gasser
  12. Climate Change/Carbon Sequestration
    June Medford
    Sponsored by "Plant Biology"


  1. Biofuel Crops and Processing I
    Geoff Fincher/Dick Flavell/Gary Stacey
    Sponsored by "GCB Bioenergy"
  2. Functional Genomics
    Gynheung An/Henry Nguyen
  3. Cell Cycle, Cell Division
    Dirk Inze/Peter Doerner
  4. Carbohydrate Metabolism
    Sam Zeeman/Alison Smith
  5. Molecular/ Cellular Control of Pollen Tube Growth
    Bruce McClure/Vernonica Franklin-Tong
    Sponsored by "Journal of Experimental Botany" and
    "Plant Journal"
  6. Photomorphogenesis and Development
    Peter Quail
    PM Session
  7. Apomixis
    Ross Bicknell/Peggy Ozias-Akins
  8. Comparative Genomics
    Jeff Bennetzen/Jerome Salse
  9. Targeted Protein Degradation
    Judy Callis
  10. Flower Induction and Development
    George Coupland
  11. Pollen/Self-Incompatibility
    June Nasrallah
  12. Circadian Rhythms
    Steve Kay/Stacey Harmer


  1. Abiotic Stress I “Water, Salts, Minerals”
    Mark Tester/Mel Oliver
  2. Meristems, Leaves, etc.
    Marja Timmermans/ /Chris Kuhlemeier
  3. Plant Virus-Host Interactions
    Rick Nelson
  4. Transposable Elements
    Tom Peterson /Dan Voytas
  5. Metagenomics
    Barry Goldman
  6. Sequencing of Crop Genomes
    Catherine Feuillet/Kellye Eversole
    PM Session
  7. Abiotic Stress II
    Mark Tester/Mel Oliver
    Sponsored by Monsanto
  8. Bioinformatics/Biostatistics/Databases
    Olin Anderson
  9. Epigenetics
    Karen Cone/Chris Pires
    Sponsored by the MU Interdisciplinary Plant Group
  10. DNA Stability/Repair
    Anne Britt
  11. Biotic Stress (Insects, Weeds, & Nematodes)
    Jan Leach /David Fischhoff
  12. Symbiosis
    Kate VandenBosch


  1. Future Genomic/Transformation Technologies
    Joe Ecker
  2. Phytotherapies for Human Health
    Willam Folk/Shilin Chen
    Sponsored by the MU Interdisciplinary Plant Group
  3. Root Development
    Antonio Costa de Oliveira/ Phil Benfey
  4. Transcription Factors
    Maria Monteros
  5. Plant-Microbe Interactions That Affect Plant Development
    Gary Stacey
  6. Genome-Assisted Breeding II
    Dani Zamir/Peter Langridge

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